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About Le Greche

The secrets behind the magic recipe


Maestra Gelatiere Evi Papadopoulou and entrepreneur Fotis Alifragis are “the Greeks” behind “Le Greche”.

The dream of producing a high end GREEK gelato was formed during Evi’s studies at the renowned Brescia Pastry School Castalimenti. There, she had the chance to meet the greatest Italian pastry chef of all times, Iginio Massari and, of course, her partner in crime, maestro gelatiere Francesco Palmieri.

Gelato artigianale means gelato from scratch

Evi handpicks the best, freshest and purest ingredients by producers in the Greek and Italian countryside.

And mixes them magically to create the finest gelato you’ll ever taste.

Why you’ll keep coming back for more…

  • Best of the best selected ingredients
  • High nutritional value
  • Low sugar content
  • Incomparable taste
  • Unique recipe
  • Gourmet flavors


Social awareness


  • We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and make our business more sustainable. So we choose biodegradable packaging and make careful use of our resources.
  • We also happily employ people from different walks of life, eager to work and happy to learn new skills.
  • We do our best to denote and support young Greek athletes, whose life stories serve as a model of courage and excellence for the rest of us. Le Greche and “Kenon” coffee are proud sponsors of 15 year old driver Yannis Peristeras and support his races in Greece, Italy and beyond.