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Gelato -12C

Gelato artigianale in magical combinations and unique flavours

Gelato Alta Qualità

The best ingredients are selected to create the finest gelato you’ll taste in a lifetime. Gelato of high nutritional value and low sugar content. And in flavors you’ve never seen before.

Why our gelato is out of sight...

Stored in the traditional airtight containers called “pozzetti”, a real artisan gelato is kept fresh and lovely, away from temperature ups and downs or air pollution.

This is the only way to preserve and serve gelato artigianale. Open-air vitrines are only suitable for ice cream that contains artificial additives.

Why Le Greche gelato is different...

In order to make one of the best, wholesome gelatos in the world, we had to say NO:

  • NO to premade bases and mass produced flavour pastes
  • NO to anything artificial, aromas or color
  • NO to margarine and chocolate substitutes
  • NO to fancy cheap toppings, colorful cones and anything fake





Since all of our sorbets are made from fresh seasonal Greek fruit, flavors may vary according to season

To Top or not to Top

Our gelato is totally flavorful to enjoy in its simple perfection, but we strongly advise you to be Italian and ask for a “fiocco di panna”, a small cloud of barely sweetened fresh whipped cream, especially on sorbets and dark chocolates.